Social Membership

Just £20 in annual fees, our social membership gives our members access to great deals on food and drink (10% discount) and a host of exciting social events.

Click here to sign up now and receive your members card with £20 on it to spend.

However, with our current Social Membership deal, for the first membership year (up to 29th February 2024) this £20 will be credited onto your membership card for you to spend in either the Clubhouse or Pro Shop.

Please note the following:

• You can sign in (currently no sign-in book due to Covid) up to 3 guests (non-members) at any one time per member;
• When you top-up at the bar there is a minimum top-up of £25;
• If the golf course is closed for any reason (mainly weather related), then the Clubhouse may also be closed unless there is a function booked for that day (please check the Members App or call the Club in advance);
• Opening and closing times will vary depending on the time of year. An email will be sent out to all members if the opening and closing times are changing significantly.

Join as a Social Member and enjoy the various events held throughout the year